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Lilith Duo

The Lilith Duo gracefully blends melodic French lyrics with very free, expressive improvisation. Their lyrics and flights of improvisation are tinted either by a provocative intensity or a poetic softness. A sometimes disturbing intimacy


In Ozma’s strange universe, the various landscapes, made up of a subtle balance between writing and improvisation, succeed one another with eloquence and humor. Here is Electric Taxi Land with exclusive stuff: "Improwars" track, 3 live videos and 2 full screen photos. Let's go for a taxi ride

10 Cuban Metal Bands

Not salsa, just brutal music: Cuba's hardest. Surprise! Heavy metal is also played in Cuba and those ten bands are serious about it! This is the first compilatory cd ever released fully devoted to the Cuban metal scene. No Setenta, just Headbang

Chansons&Improvisations Chansons&Improvisations
Lilith Duo 
autoproduction / self-produced autodistribution / self-distributed
Contemporary Jazz, Jazz vocals

 Acoustic, Improvisation, Jazz meets World music |  Vocals
15.00€ Released on 01/10/2004

Vahtefér Vouhar Schêl Hegrekk Vahtefér Vouhar Schêl Hegrekk
Mirjlovsky Ibecksclivaks 
YtseHrvatska Records
Psychedelic Rock, Funk

One of the greatest successes of the Master. Get involved in a digitally remastered reissue project with two bonus tracks: three subscription plans available exclusivley on!
19.00€ 14.99€ Released on 31/12/2009

09/03/09 13:51
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