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Music-lovers, audiophiles, fans... no matter what word is best, you love music: intends to emphasize the diversity of catalogues. We are very keen on curiosities and unclassifiables¹.

Our ambition is also to build new offers with rightsowners: exclusive content beyond standard products and advance orders where the public helps finance projects and gets insight into the creative process. Hence Musicalias features:
CDs DVDs mp3s and as often as possible, special offers with "bonus" options either free or to be purchased.

We would like to emphasize on two facts:

  • products and services presented here are sold directly by independent artists & labels. Those Merchants manage their offer themselves as well as shipments;
  • sometimes product artist and label pages are managed by professional writers or qualified individuals (aka Editors) in agreement with rightsowners.
  • In any case Musicalias guarantees a high level of service: we review all contents before they are published and remain your unique point of contact for your orders (more on this matter: pricing, shipping and privacy).

    Please refer to the Help section for any question on how the website works.

    More details on Musicalias in the questions & answers.

  • Artists, labels, distributors: interested in being a Merchant on
  • Editors, critics, bloggers: why not publish contents here and make some pocket money?
  • Find out how in the Propose section!

    ¹As these notions are a bit subjective, please note we are open to suggestions and feedback ;)

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